Tone Shaping & Voicing

More often than not guitar manufacturers build acoustic guitars with too much extra "meat" on the bones. They do this to accommodate for guitar players who do not properly take care of their instruments. The impact on the sound of the instrument results in low volume and poor quality notes. If you want to improve the sound of your acoustic guitar then consider tone shaping (voicing) as it will bring out the best sound that your guitar has to offer.....Unleash the voice that you never knew your guitar had! 

What is Tone Shaping?

Tone Shaping (often called voicing a guitar) is the process of evaluating a guitar and making modifications to improve the overall sound and tone of the instrument. Very often the internal bracing will need to be scalloped, and nuts, saddles and bridge pins need to be replaced with better quality products and/or seated for full contact with the guitar wood. Better sound on an acoustic guitar is found throughout the guitar in bits and pieces. Whether you have a $100 guitar, or a $2500 guitar, voicing improves the sound and bring out the very best that your guitar has to offer. It is common to hear about an inexpensive guitar (that has been voiced or tone shaped in my shop) that consistently out plays and sounds better than expensive Martin, Taylor and Gibson guitars. Add a sound port in the side (additional $75) and you won't believe your ears!

Price $200 - $350

“...I knew that tone shaping would make my Aria sound better but I never imagined that it would sound this good....I’m blown away!”

” friends play expensive Taylor and Martin Guitars and can’t believe that my $300 guitar now sounds better than theirs!”

”...When I got my Takamine home and started playing it, I was stunned! The difference in sound was night and day! Thank you for giving my favorite guitar new life!”
Brian.and the Hawkins Team...
I am blown away by the playability and sound of both my guitars. When I brought them in to Hawkins Guitar, I had two requests. I asked Brian to make them “play like Butter and sound like King Kong”. So we talked and agreed to have my 2015 Martin D-28 Ambertone in for it’s first non-factory set up and tone shaping/voicing, and my 2008 Recording King RDC-57 in for set up and Tone Shaping, plus a sound port.
Hawkins Guitar simply knocked it out of the park. I love the feel and sound and have played them both now for 3 weeks at local garage jams, local bluegrass jams, and at an outdoor event. Anyone who has heard them or especially played them are just amazed with the quality set up and playability not to mention the sound projection and tonal quality. In fact, that Recording King RDC-57 has many folks in my inner circle putting down their Martin’s to play the RK. The RK has put many very fine quality instruments “in the back seat” this month, including My own Martin D-28 which is awesome, just doesn’t boom the crowd like the RK. Some of my friends have put down their Martin D-16, HD-28V, D-35, a “67” Gibson J-45, a Huss and Dalton DM, and a Taylor 810 for a chance to play the RK. One of the best bluegrass guitar players here locally had this to say about the RK compared to his HD28, “this guitar is spoiling me, I can’t seem to put it down” and “I can’t believe how well it plays and still puts out that much volume in such a warm tone”.
Brian, I will be back and have some friends interested in work as well. Thank you very much…
Making my two favorite guitars even more special than before.
B. Pickett