Guitar and Stringed instrument repair

 At Hawkins Guitar we specialize in the repair of stringed instruments from Guitar to Ukulele to Mandolin repairs and more. Whether you are in need of a professional set up, neck reset, sound enhancement or even refinishing we do it all and we do it right. Often I am asked if I do repairs followed by comments like "I would rather have a Professional Guitar Builder fix my guitar" and as a player myself I get that! 

 If you need repairs done and would like to discuss it please  CONTACT US with any questions

guitar repair prices

  • Parts not included unless specified

  • Set-up is not included in repair prices

  • FREE Repair Estimate

  • FREE Major Repair/Restoration Estimate

  • Bench Rate $75.00 per hour

  • Set Ups do not include strings. Strings run $5, $10 or $15 or you can bring your own.

Guitar Set Up and Maintenance

  • Acoustic Full Set Up (Includes fret leveling and polishing) $120

  • Electric Full Set Up (includes fret leveling and polishing) $120

  • 12 String Full Set Up (includes fret leveling up) $170

  • Re-Fret $300 (includes set up - add $45 for a new nut and/or saddle if required)

  • Re-Fret with Evo Gold Frets $350 (includes set up - add $45 for a new/saddle nut if required)

  • Partial Re-Fret $15 per fret (standard)

  • Partial Re-Fret $25 per fret (maple Fret Board)

  • Re-Fret - Bound Fingerboard $350 (includes set up - add $45 for a new nut if required)

  • Re-Fret - Maple Fingerboard $350 (includes set up - add $45 for a new nut if required)

  • Re-Fret - Maple Fingerboard $600 (if refinishing is required)

  • Guitar Neck Reset - $450 and up (quoted by the job -set up is not included)

Custom Nut Work

  • New Bone Guitar and Bass Nut $60

  • New 12 string Guitar Nut $95

  • New Saddle $45.00 (bone or horn)

  • New Intonation Saddle – $65

  • Fill and Re-Cut Bridge Slot $155

  • Install Retro Fit Tuners $25

  • Different Style Tuning Machines$50 - $75 (incl. fill and touch up)

Structural Repairs, Finish &re-finishing Guitars

  • Cracked Head Stock or Cracked Neck $95.00 and up

  • Top, Rim and Back Cracks $15 per inch

  • New Acoustic Guitar Top $1000.00 and up

  • Re-Glue Loose Braces $25.00 Each and Up

  • Re-Glue Pick-guard $30.00 and up

  • Re-Glue loose bridge $100 and up

  • Replace Bridge $200 and up

  • Guitar Inlay - Quoted by the job

  • Full Guitar Re-finish $800 and up


  • Install Electric Guitar Pick Ups $25 per pick up (pick up not included)

  • Install Volume and Tone Pots $25 ea. (Pots not included)

  • Repair loose wire or jack $30

  • Complete re-wire $120 and up (parts not included)

  • Install Acoustic Pick Up $80 (in most cases)

  • Rewind Humbucker Pickups $140 ea.

  • Rewind Single Coil or P90 Pickups $120 ea.

tone shaping

 If you are looking to improve the over all sound of your Acoustic Guitar then take a look at our Tone Shaping page.

I can’t thank you enough for the great job you did in repairing my
Martin guitar. When it had fallen and cracked, I was heartbroken. I
had thought that it was done. I didn’t think it would ever be the
After taking it to you at Hawkins Guitars, you did what I thought
would be impossible. I can’t even tell where it was damaged and it
plays better than it did before.
The craftsmanship and speed in which you performed the repair was far
better than I could have imagined.
Not only was it repaired as new, your set up on the guitar was
fantastic. You went over everything to make sure the guitar I got back
was right....
I will pass on and highly recommend Hawkins Guitars to anyone who
needs guitar work done.
Great job....You are the man....
Thank You
Patrick K.
Thanks again for the beautiful work on the Tele (and the Variax too). You realigned the neck so that the 1st string isn’t dangerously close to the edge anymore. Sweet. And the overall playability on that guitar is better than it’s ever been, ...and what I had originally hoped for when I first put it together almost 30 years ago.

The neck, by the way, did have some custom work done to it. Originally it was a flat radius… maybe 16”. Although I loved the ebony, I never got used to the flatness. So, several years ago, when Kenny re-fretted it, he shaved the fingerboard down closer to a 12” radius, or so, and it seems a lot friendlier.

Now, with what you’ve done to the guitar, I’m thrilled with it… finally.

Thanks again,