Guitar Set Up Class

Learn to setup your own guitars in this comprehensive all day Saturday class. In this class you will learn how to level frets, how to properly adjust the truss rod, adjusting the nut and saddle, intonation and pickup height. We cover the tools you will need to buy and the class can be scheduled for your convenience.

 This is a REAL set up class. We teach the exact same procedures that we use in our highly reputable shop. Bring your own guitar and leave with a set up (done by you) that plays like butter and the knowledge to make any structurally sound instrument play like never before. We do not guess and we do not know what a "Basic Setup" is...a guitar is either set up to specific specs or it is not. To us a "Basic Set Up" is a lame excuse for not doing the job the right from start to finish. 

Class runs from 10 am to 4 pm (with a 30 minute lunch break) bring two guitars (if you have two) and bring strings (or you can buy strings here if you prefer). Also, there will be no more than 3 students per class so please email me your date once you sign up. 


09/28 (1 Spots Available)

10/05 (FULL)

10/12 (1 Spot Available)

10/19 (2 Spots Available)

10/26 (2 Spots Available)

11/02 (FULL)

11/09 (2 Spots Available)

11/16 (1 Spot Available)

11/23 (2 Spots Available)

11/30 (2 Spots Available)

12/07 (2 Spots Available)

12/14 (2 Spots Available)

12/21 (2 Spots Available)

12/28 (2 Spots Available)

*Please provide your class attendance date on the following page*

Guitar Set Up Class
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