Hawkins Custom Electric Guitars are built with carefully chosen tone-woods, hand wound Hawkins Hand Wound electric guitar pickups (humbuckers, single coil, P90 and the list goes on), top quality parts (CTS Pots, Switchcraft ect.) and attention to detail at every turn. You can choose from traditional shapes ( Les Paul Style, 335 Style, Stratocaster Style, Telecaster Style ect. ) or custom shaped guitars. Our meticulous building practices and our quest for the best sound assures that your money will be well spent on your new Hawkins Electric Guitar.

Hawkins Electric Guitars can range in price from $2000 on up to $8000 and sometimes more. If you would like to discuss the pricing and the commission of a Hawkins Electric Guitar then feel free to Contact Us with any question that you may have.  

Hawkins Teller' Guitar