Hawkins Hot Rod Guitars

 You may ask...what the heck is a Hawkins Hot Rod Guitar? The answer is not so simple but the end result is one of a kind. 

 Hawkins Hot Rod Guitars came about when I looked around my shop and realized that I had some nice old dismantled guitar bodies and necks that had accumulated over the years. Many of them were 30 years old or more and had aged very nicely. It only made sense to bring them back to life in a whole new and customized way. 

 So, we may relic or refinish the body, we will reshape and refinish the neck and label it as a Hawkins Hot Rod, we will replace all of the hardware with high quality parts, we will wind/rewind Hawkins Guitar Pickups and we will shield the guitar with copper.

 In the end, these guitars may be the best deal around as they play and sound like a true custom made guitar and are powered by the same components that I put in my custom built electric guitars.

 Also, customers will often bring me an old guitar that they want Hot Rodded out. It is certainly a good way to get a killer new guitar (kinda) for relatively cheap!

Hawkins Hot Rod Guitar

One Sweet Guitar…

This Hawkins Hot Rod sounds even better than it looks! With a “Modern Relic” but new paint, hand wound pickups (formvar wire), copper shielded cavity, separate volume for the middle pickup (can be used with any combo), hand wired, cts pots, locking tuners, alder body, maple neck, handmade ebony knobs and the list goes on to add up to one totally bad ass guitar. Professionally set up to specs. *Shipping calculated separately. Case not included.

Hawkins Hot Rod Guitars are guitars that we build from quality (often well aged) parts that we come across. This particular body and neck came from a Japanese made guitar from the 80’s. This is a PLAYERS guitar.


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