Hawkins (om) Orchestra Model


 The Hawkins Orchestra Model is one of our two most popular guitar models, the other being the our small dreadnought model. Our unique bracing pattern, building practices and wood selection gives this guitar model volume, clarity and great low end. 

 The Hawkins H-OMC is the cutaway version of the H-OM model. The crisp highs, clear attack and striking bass of the H-OM and the H-OMC models make this a great choice for those with variety of playing styles. These models are designed to be responsive and well balanced. Players and builders alike are surprised by the volume and depth that these medium size guitars produce.


Lower Bout-15 1/8"    Upper Bout-11 3/8"    Waist-9 1/8"    Body Length-19 1/4"    Scale Length-25.4