guitar pickup winding and rewinding

 I am often asked if hand wound pickups are really any better than machine wound pickups and, to put it simply...yes they are! Winding and rewinding by hand allows us to stagger the winding process making for a much better sounding pickup. Furthermore it gives us control over the number of winds and the quality of parts thus improving the tone and sound quality of the pickup. 

 To take things to a whole new level we offer the option of having your newly wound or rewound pickups treated in a cryogenic process. With about a 20% improvement, this process changes pickup tone in such a way that makes it difficult to even listen to anything else afterwards. 

  • Single Coil Pickup Rewinding Price $125 per coil / P 90 $125

  • Humbucker (double coil) Rewinding Price $150 per pickup

  • Telecaster Pick Up Set (2) $250

  • New Hawkins Guitar Single Coil Pickup $125 ea.

  • New Hawkins Humbucker $150 ea.

  • New Hawkins P 90 Style Pickup $125